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  • More than 5000 articles published in more than 150 different print periodicals or web sites

  • 300+ product brochures or data sheets

  • 250 case studies

  • 200 white papers and advertorials

  • countless blog posts

  • PLUS annual reports, executives speeches and presentations, books, and more...



Alan Earls

Over his career, Alan Earls has helped to launch more than half a dozen  print publications. As a journalist,  Earls has covered nearly every major development in technology and has interviewed many of the industry's most signifcant players. For nearly 20 years Earls has applied his editorial experience, tech savvy, and marketing insights to the challenges faced by hundreds of business and tech clients.


Earls has delivered both strategic advice and content to organizations ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.  Among his outstanding applishments, Earls helped design and deliver one of the first-ever multi-media business magazines for a  leading IT firm. Pioneering in its use of video, nested content, and interactivity, SalesSource, was a bellwether project.  Later, Earls created one of the first online-only business periodicals the Compaq Technical Journal; as well as helping to design, develop, and deliver a personalizable electronic newsletter feed for corporate partners. 


In all of his work. Earls brings to bear a feel for language and and understanding of technology to deliver content that always rings true. 


...& Associates

Earls works with a range of outstanding colleagues with expertise in SEO, Web design, project management, research, and writing to meet the needs of clients with large or complex projects.



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