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I recently ran for  public office in Franklin, MA (and lost).This is my page of information about my activities in town.

Committed to

Franklin for 30 Years

I was excited to be running for Town Council in the fall of 2020, a culmination of nearly 30 years of involvement with Franklin.


* Former member of Franklin Newcomers Club (now a frequent guest speaker at their events)

* Former member of Franklin Industrial Development Commission, 1989-1991. (Tasked with recruiting businesses to town to keep residential tax rate low)

* Advocated for creation of Open Space Committee and Design Review Commission (late 1990s)

* Served on first incarnation of Open Space Committee, helped put in place procedures and guidelines that led to donation of DelCarte Property to town. Updated Open Space & Recreation Plan.

* Organized first inter-town meeting for the SNETT Rail Trail and worked to support community leaders such as  David Labonte when they established Franklin-Bellingham Rail Trail Committee (1999-2009)



* Launched, organized, and ran first three annual Earth Day Town Cleanups, later taken over by Town Recreation department.

* Stopped illegal sand mining in Franklin State Forest

* Gained Town Council approval to preserve public right of access through town Pond Street property (now Brookside Condos), which, as a result, includes a trail and public parking area)

* Established Public Land Use Committee, served as interim chair.

* Won arts grant to create and publish brochure about helping Franklin’s farmers, how to do business with them, and the positive “win-win” of preserving and protecting agricultural lands in town.

* Active in Franklin Charter School. Established school’s Lego League, a "junior robotics program," which is still participating in regional competitions some 15 year later.

* Member of Franklin Historical Commission. Helped relocate museum, organize its collections, and computerize its records. Frequent speaker on town historical topics.

* Volunteer host/docent at Franklin Historical Museum

* Published “Franklin Then and Now” – a photo book about Franklin, through Arcadia Publishing

* Worked with Del Arnold of Historical Commission to rescue 100-year-old war monument on town common demolished without permission of Commission OR Federal War Monuments Agency. Monument has since been repaired and restored.

* Worked with Franklin Library Association to research and write a history of the organization and the library itself.

* Established Charles River Meadowlands Initiative to preserve and protect the 500 acres of federally owned conservation land in Franklin and areas abutting same. Completed formal study and evaluation with Beta Group, Jan. 2019.

* Worked for the 2020 US Census to ensure Franklin residents and those in nearby communities were properly enumerated.

* Member Franklin Lodge, Sons & Daughters of Italy

* Member Franklin Sons of the American Legion

* Notary Public

* Radio Amateur License KB1RLS

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